I Vant To Suck Your Tits By Brazzers

This is a well produced video if you ask me and it’s hot as fuck. It’s called “I Vant To Suck Your Tits” and it looks like Amber Cox is in a big castle surrounded by vampires. The guy who is running everything has been fighting with all his vampire wives of why he is keeping her around but we all know why he is. I think so does is vampire wives as well. He loves to fuck this non vampire woman with her exotic looks and big natural tits Amber Cox is desirable to just about anyone!

Brazzers Waiting Room Boom Boom

Johnny has been sitting in the waiting room for way too long but when he bursts into Dr. Amber Cox’s office he finds out why…she’s busy rubbing her pussy, masturbating on the examination table! He’s furious and demands compensation, in the form of fucking her like crazy right in front of her receptionist, who calmly finishes some paperwork as they go at it. This is coming straight to your horny eyes courtesy of Brazzers and the scene is called Waiting Room Boom Boom…I really just wanted to write that out because it’s got a nice ring to it. Amber Cox loves taking good care of her patients, and it’s a good thing for this one that his own patience wore a little thin!

Brazzers Baby Got Boobs

I have the gorgeous Amber Cox in a new scene from Brazzers! It’s actually for one of their mini sites you get access to called Baby Got Boobs! We all know that is the absolute truth when it comes to Amber Cox! Her pierced nipples look hot as hell but that cock in her mouth does look even better. She gets fucked every which way and then right when he is about to cum he pulls out and splatters all over those big juicy naturals of hers.